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We’re here to help you build or host your scholarship program from start to finish. Without charging you thousands of dollars.

Scholarful is the only platform integrated with, a unique platform that allows individuals, businesses, organizations, and corporations to create scholarships for free with tax deductions.

Why Scholarful?

We’ll work with you to create an award program that embodies your mission. No matter what your organization stands for – whether that is supporting first-generation college students, women in STEM, or scholars of color – we will create a scholarship program that advances the overall mission of you/your organization.

We have the students right where they are. Our student pool of talented, scholarship-seeking students is growing everyday! We will work around your criteria to make sure your award is visible to relevant candidates.

We adjust to your working style. Have a scholarship committee with multiple administrators? Or do you want us to shortlist the top 10 candidates for you? Either way, we will adapt to your needs.

Leverage powerful, genuine content. We ask every student to upload a thank you video when they accept their award, ensuring your organization can tell powerful stories about the lives you are changing. (We can even send them a big check with your logo!)

Affordability. Unlike our competitors, we won’t charge you thousands of dollars to manage a successful scholarship program. To find out more about our pricing, schedule a demo.

University of California, Berkeley ‘23
Won $10,000 with Scholarful

Comprehensive scholarship programs from scratch.

Create your award

A scholarship that embodies your organization’s mission. We will work alongside you to craft a unique, impactful award program.

Market it to your students, our students, or both!

We know where to find students. We have over 30,000 talented, scholarship-seeking scholars (and counting!) Already have students in your organization? Host a private opportunity, just for them!

We collect and organize the applications

Our software allows for seamless intake of thousands of applications. Each admin will get their own log-in to grade, score, and shortlist applicants.

Review the short-listed applications and choose your winner

Award or shortlist your favorite candidates without leaving the platform. Need letters of recommendation or a portfolio? Ask for them with ease.

Content Creation: Tell your student’s story

What happens after they win? With Scholarful, capture genuine video content from your winners, and stay up-to-date with their academic and personal achievements to showcase how your organization is giving back.

Top to bottom scholarship management to streamline your workflow

List Your Scholarship

    • Is your scholarship geared towards women in STEM? Young men of color? Please specify any and all eligibility requirements here. (Include academic minimums, if applicable.)
    • This should include (1) award amount ; (2) number of winners ; (3) purpose of your award ; (4) any additional information you want applicants to know.
    • This will be in addition to a 650-word personal statement, as well as personal + demographic + academic information.

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