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General Questions

We have built our engine in a way where it matches you to scholarship opportunities based on the information you provide. Factors such as gender, race, ethnicity, and citizenship status all affect the scholarships you are and are not eligible for. While we have tried our best to make sure that the scholarships you see are ones that you can apply to, scholarships can be very nitty-gritty in terms of what they require, so do be sure to read the eligibility requirements for each scholarship before applying! As time goes on, we are only enhancing our matching engine to provide you with a more sophisticated matching system.
Yes, we work with hundreds of scholarship providers to offer a variety of scholarships catering to a diverse range of students, from international students, to graduate level students, to trade school students. Please note, international students can only apply if they are legally studying at, attending, or enrolled in a U.S college or university.
We live in a time where college degrees are a necessity priced as a luxury. With the way things are going, college tuition is expected to double every nine years. This means that the paywall to higher education is only growing, making those opportunities inaccessible to entire generations of talented, deserving students. So why, when scholarships are more necessary than ever before, do scholarship opportunities remain difficult to find and tedious to apply to? Scholarful is a one-stop shop for students looking for help financing their higher education goals. We exist to bring accountability, transparency, and standardization to one of the most headache-inducing processes that students will ever go through, so you can focus on the important things: being an 18-year-old.
Your data is protected with the highest level of security, and will only be used for the purposes of matching you with the best scholarships.
Scholarful was created to offer students an alternative solution to taking out student loans. We will never partner or associate with student loan companies.
New scholarship opportunities are available every week. Be sure to come back once a week to see new scholarships you are eligible for.
No, we are not affiliated with the Common App. Scholarful is an individual for-profit company aiming to streamline and simplify the scholarship application process.
We have a scholarship outreach team that works around the clock to source new scholarships from charitable individuals, families, and corporations looking to give back to the next generation of world leaders, tech CEOs, and Oscar winners. When they set up scholarships through our platform, these opportunities become exclusively available to our registered Student Pool, meaning that they are not available anywhere else. That means you’ll have a better chance of standing out, impressing the scholarship committees, and financing your education without debt.
There are a lot of scholarship scams out there that collect students’ data and sell it to the highest bidder, with no real scholarship opportunity actually available. We have a rigorous vetting process that we use before we let anyone list scholarships on our platform. We hold our scholarship providers to a high standard where they are expected to award students directly through our platform. Every dollar’s worth of scholarships you apply for through Scholarful is real money waiting to be given to an inspiring young scholar.
You can cancel your account at any time by heading over to your Account Settings (available when you click on your profile picture), then hit "Membership" and then "Cancel Subscription."
A quick reminder: any applications you submitted on Scholarful are still active. You are still eligible to win any dollars you have applied for, and will receive an email notification if you are selected for an award!
If you would like a refund for any specific reason, please see our terms and conditions before contacting us.

Questions About Scholarship Applications

If you applied for a scholarship, you will receive a notification in your student dashboard confirming your application.
If you’ve already applied to a scholarship, there is no way to retract the application from that provider’s records. We would recommend updating your profile accordingly so that any future or in-progress applications are accurate.
Yes, most scholarships will require a general essay. Luckily, Scholarful only requires you to upload it once when you create your student profile, which can be used for all your scholarship applications.
As part of our basic plan, we allow you to apply for 50 scholarships per month (600 scholarships per year) using One-Click-Apply. Using the premium plan, you can one-click apply to 100 scholarships per month (1,200 per year). This is to limit scholarship providers from getting inundated with applicants. However, you can still “Easy Apply” to as many scholarships as you want. These are scholarships that require a little something extra, whether that’s a supplemental essay, letter of recommendation, etc.

We request student applicants to choose the scholarships they are applying to very carefully and apply to those, they think will give them the best chances. As the number of scholarships on the platform increases, we will also increase the apply-per-month numbers significantly.
The application is always due at 11:59 PST (Pacific Standard Time) on the listed deadline!

Winning a Scholarship

If you are the recipient of a scholarship, you will receive a private message, email notification, and a notification in your dashboard from the scholarship provider.
Tips: Make sure your student profile is up-to-date and completed to find the best matches and upgrade your account to premium to apply to more scholarships.
If you applied for a scholarship and want to check the status of your application, you can check on the scholarship status in your student dashboard which will tell you if a winner has already been selected.
Please check with your specific school as the school may only allow you keep the awards in the amount of the costs of your attendance.
This varies and is completely dependent on the scholarship provider. If you are selected as a winner, Scholarful will connect you with the scholarship provider who is responsible for providing any additional information regarding next steps and scholarship award transactions. Traditionally, scholarship providers will process awards directly to the recipient’s school.

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