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What You Need to Know About Scholarships

What Is A Scholarship?

A scholarship is financial support awarded to a student in the form of a payment or grant, based on academic achievement or other criteria, which can include financial need. There are thousands of scholarships and grants provided by the government, universities, organizations, individuals and more.

Who Can Apply For Scholarships?

You might be surprised to find out that scholarships are not just for college students. There are scholarship opportunities for undergraduate students, graduate students, PHD students, international students and trade students.

There are various types of scholarships that cater to just about every group of individuals, however the two most common are merit-based and need-based.

Anyone can apply for scholarships, but every scholarship will have its own set of criteria for eligibility in order for someone to qualify. These criteria are set by each scholarship provider. Typically, there is no cost to apply for college scholarships so think of them as free scholarships and financial support for school.

How To Apply For Scholarships?

Now that you know the basics of scholarships, you’re probably wondering how you can apply for scholarships or how to get a scholarship.

You’ll have to do your research — with thousands of scholarship opportunities, you won’t qualify for all of them, but you should apply to as many as you qualify for. First, check the criteria to see if you’re eligible. Each college scholarship will have its own scholarship application that you will need to fill out individually.

While there are thousands of scholarships out there, there are millions of students applying to them, so you’ll want to make sure you stand out. If you learn how to make your application stand out, check out this blog post.

Is There An Easier Way To Apply For Scholarships?

Yes! Having to fill out each scholarship application can be taxing and tedious which is why Scholarful was created. The platform is an all-in-one, one stop shop for scholarships — designed by students and created for students.

Students can fill out one general application online that is widely accepted by thousands of scholarship providers. Then they can continue to complete their student profiles and upload their transcript, letters of recommendation, essays, and more.

Scholarful then takes a student’s profile and cross-matches it to their database of thousands of scholarship providers to find the best scholarships for them based on criteria. But that’s not all, students can easily apply to all their scholarships using the “1-click apply” feature in seconds using a single general application.

Finally a platform to help make finding scholarships easier and more accessible to students!

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