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The Problem with College Scholarships in 2020

Whether you’re a college student or a highschool senior, the process is pretty much the same when it comes to searching for 2020 scholarships. So what does the process look like exactly?

The Harsh Reality

The fact of the matter is, finding scholarships for 2020 high school seniors and current students won’t be a straightforward process. Hundreds and thousands of like-minded students are searching for the same scholarships you are, and are facing the same obstacles in finding scholarships. You’re probably spending your weekends scrolling through numerous pages of web results, only to find one or two scholarships you qualify for, and spend hours at a time trying to apply to them. This doesn’t seem very time efficient, now does it?

The harsh reality is that there’s a big problem with college scholarships 2020 students are discovering. Scholarships are not easy to find nor have they ever been in the past. Given that scholarships are more necessary than ever, you would think that the process has been made easier over the years, especially with our technological advancement. But the truth is, the process is just as tedious and laborious as before…

So What Does This Mean For You?

You’re probably wondering, is there another option? Is there an alternative process for scholarships 2020 seniors can look forward to?

Fortunately, there are several ways to get around doing individual web searches to source scholarships. Some other resources exist, like using a list of third party links for scholarship listings or registering to a third party platform to find scholarships for you. These are both alternatives, but regardless of which path you choose to take, are either of these options really offering you a solution to the problem?

The obvious answer is no. There has to be a better solution out there for this when the scale of the matter impacts millions of students a year. So what does this mean for you?

Does it mean you’ll have to go through the exact same tedious process like the millions who have applied for scholarships before you?


A Solution for College Scholarships 2020 Students Can Actually Use

We knew there had to be a better way to find scholarships for 2020 and we found it!

Scholarful is an all-in-one, one stop shop for scholarships and financial aid — designed by students and created for students. You’re probably wondering what all of this actually means.

It’s quite simple — as former students and current students who have gone through spring 2020 scholarships or are currently going through them now, the co-founders of Scholarful knew there had to be a better solution to the problem. So they got together and were able to nail down the pain points that students are facing everyday and designed a platform that alleviates the taxing and tedious process of searching for scholarships and applying.

How Does it Work?

So what does Scholarful actually do? The unique platform allows students to fill out one general application online that is widely accepted by thousands of scholarship providers. Students can then continue to complete their student profiles with more in-depth information about themselves. The more information a student provides, the better their results. Students can upload their transcript, letters of recommendation, essays, and other requirements for scholarship 2020 applicants need to pass.

Scholarful then takes a student’s profile and cross-matches it to their database of thousands of scholarship providers to find the best scholarships for them based on eligibility. But that’s not all, students can easily apply to all their scholarships using the “1-click apply” feature in seconds using a single general application. Applying for scholarships could not get any easier than this. Students can also apply to other scholarships that have additional requirements on the platform.

You’re probably wondering how you will know if you won or not, other than checking the status of the scholarship. Candidates that have been selected by a scholarship provider and are the recipient of their scholarships for spring 2020 intake, for example, will receive a direct notification from Scholarful, along with a message from the scholarship provider and an email notification (just in case they missed the notification in the student dashboard).

That’s Not All?

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any easier or better, it does. Scholarful also allows students to check on the status of their application. This is new and unheard of in the scholarship landscape.

Traditionally, the application process for college scholarships 2020 students have to endure isn’t very transparent. You would apply and wonder for months whether or not you won. You wait and wait and still you hear nothing from the school or the scholarship company. No rejection notification letter or a winning letter. So then you start to question, did they even pick a winner? Was this scholarship legitimate? Who knows…

Scholarful wanted to make the scholarship process as transparent as possible so students never have to wonder whether or not they won. Students can visit their student dashboard to check on the status of the scholarships they have already applied to, whether they are still accepting applications, reviewing applications, or if a winner has been selected. But that’s not all, you can now see how many other students applied to the same scholarship. You’ll be able to view the number of applicants to see your odds.

You’re probably wondering how you will know if you won or not, other than checking the status of the scholarship. If you have been selected by a scholarship provider and are the recipient of their scholarship, you will receive a direct notification from Scholarful if you were selected as the winner, along with a message from the scholarship provider and an email notification (just in case you missed the notification in your student dashboard).

Why Hasn’t This Been Done Before?

Believe me, you’re not the only one wondering this.

Scholarships have been around since 1643 and sure, there have been some milestones as the concept of scholarships increasingly grew in popularity. The idea of scholarships became widely accepted in the academic community and we saw more and more opportunities for them as student debt increased.

However, hundreds of years later, the process hasn’t gotten any easier for students. So the answer to your question, “why hasn’t this been done before?”, is that it has to a certain extent.

There are scholarship programs and financial aid companies out there that have attempted to do something similar, but have taken different avenues to approach the problem. There are multiple companies that have tried to find a solution to this, but seeing that you haven’t heard about them tells us that they didn’t quite nail it down.

Scholarful is the first of its kind and a game changing platform that has tackled the problem with a real solution for students. We aim to be the number one resource for finding scholarships for college students 2020 candidates (and beyond) can rely on.

What’s Next?

If you’re reading this or happened to have stumbled upon this, you’re probably going through the exact struggles and experiences described earlier on and have been looking for a better alternative to finding and applying for scholarships. And now you have the solution to the problem.

Visit to get started today. Throw out the traditional way of doing college scholarships 2020 candidates struggle with right now, and do things differently. Don’t miss out on hundreds of scholarship opportunities. Instead of applying to one or two scholarships a month, apply for fifteen or more. Get an early start on your application along with building out the best profile and essay scholarships 2020 schools have ever seen to ensure the best possible matches.

The future of the scholarship process and your scholarship opportunities are in your hands! Fund your education in the best way possible today.